Caring for your Tucker Tweed Equestrian Fine Leather Accessory

Tucker Tweed Equestrian fine leather accessories are carefully constructed of the finest quality materials, to be enjoyed and to last for years to come.  Therefore, little or no maintenance is necessary to maintain these beautiful products. However, the following tips may be helpful for storing or caring for your fine leather goods.

While storing a Tucker Tweed Equestrian handbag, fill the bag interior loosely with plastic airbags or plastic bags to maintain the shape of your purse. Do not store your handbag in plastic, as leather needs to breathe, but rather store your purse in the Tucker Tweed Equestrian dustcover that came with your product or another quality cotton bag or pillowcase. Leather goods are best stored at room temperature where humidity is maintained at less than 60-65%.

In the event that your Tucker Tweed Equestrian product is dirty, the following steps may be necessary. We highly recommend that you carefully clean your product using glycerin soap with very little water added. The goal is not to saturate your leather. Ideally, you will want to clean and preserve your Tucker Tweed Equestrian product as you would your fine saddles and bridles.

Following cleaning with your glycerin soap, apply a high quality leather moisturizer or preservative. Two products that we use and recommend include Passier Lederbalsam or Effax Leather-Balm. 

In the event that you scuff your TTE product, we highly recommend that you use a fine quality leather polish.  For Tucker Tweed Equestrian products in a black finish, use black polish, for dark chocolate, use brown, for chestnut, please use cognac or a light brown.

Tucker Tweed Equestrian fine leather accessories are created to be luxurious, supple, but durable and to last a lifetime. Very little maintenance is generally required.